Michael Bisping wanted one more UFC fight. Instead, decides he’s done.

Instead of fighting one last time in the UFC like he had planned, Michael Bisping has said that he is done with fighting. Tied with both GSP and Donald Cerrone, Bisping holds the record for most UFC wins at 20. As far as having the most fights in UFC history, Bisping sits all alone at […]

Michael Bisping calls ‘BS’ on gym accuser trying to sue him

If there is one person you don’t want to receive a verbal tirade from, it’s Michael Bisping. The accuser, Antonio Georgakopoulos, in the case of ‘Michael Bisping choked my ass out at a 24 Hour Fitness’ is really hearing it from the UFC champ. Apparently, this guy is a bit of an ambulance chaser. Bisping […]

Michael Bisping was on Conan O’Brien, being Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping made his way into the mainstream by joining the Conan O’Brien show as a guest. He answered Conan’s questions and did what he does best; Be Michael Bisping. He was sarcastic, laughed at his own jokes, and added a little bit of ‘dickishness’ in there. Bisping is always self-deprecating and he kept it […]