Mike Perry gives his take on fighting Mickey Gall this weekend

Mike Perry is fighting Mickey Gall this weekend and he spoke to Mike Swick about how he plans to take on the ground specialist. It’s been big news that Perry will be going into the fight without a corner because he feels corners are more of a hindrance than help. Therefore, he already knows how […]

Matt Brown offers to be Mike Perry’s huckleberry and dance partner

Like Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone, he offered up himself as Johnny Ringo’s huckleberry. If you are not a movie fanatic like me or aren’t named Donald Cerrone you may not get the reference. Basically, Matt Brown answered Mike Perry’s call for an opponent to participate in some good old fashioned violence. Hoping […]

Mike Perry’s girl responds to Covington’s rude remarks via IG

If anything else, Colby Covington has proved that he is rude and obnoxious. His videos and tweets that he has been putting out have been some of the most classless ones that we’ve ever seen in the sport. After Mike Perry lost the other night, Covington went on his Twitter and set the bar as […]

Mike Perry’s hand speed extinguishes candle flames. Almost.

The Last Airbender, Mike Perry is not. He tried his very best to put out the candle flames using ninja focus and speed, but ultimately, the candles won. Perry tried to extinguish the fire and almost pulled it off, until he got a little too zealous. Like a grown man trying to hit a slow-pitch […]