Take in local Muay Thai fights when visiting AKA Thailand. It’s an absolute must!

When you are visiting AKA Thailand you must check out some local Muay Thai. If you are training Muay Thai at our gym it’s an incredible experience getting lost in the sport. We have you training, learning the culture, and gaining knowledge on the history of Muay Thai. What better way to experience it than […]


Experience professional Muay Thai at night when training at AKA Thailand

When you are interested in something it’s always fun to experience professionals participating in the same thing. For example, if you love basketball you have to take in an NBA game. If you are out at AKA Thailand for Muay Thai training, going to see professional Muay Thai fights is an absolute must. Muay Thai […]


When you come to AKA Thailand for Muay Thai, you must check out pro Muay Thai fights

When you come out to AKA Thailand for some Muay Thai training you should definitely take in some Muay Thai fights. If you are interested in music then you would go see a concert. If you really love alcohol then you go to a baseball game (*kidding*). When immersing yourself in the Muay Thai discipline, […]


While at AKA Thailand it’s imperative that you take in Muay Thai fights

When visiting AKA Thailand in Phuket you are going to want to check out the sights of the city. One imperative thing that you must do is take in a Muay Thai fight. Both Bangla Boxing Stadium and the Patong Boxing Stadium host traditional Muay Thai fights there pretty regularly. Muay Thai is one of […]