Get to know your AKA Thailand staff. We start at the top with Mike Swick

When getting to know the staff at AKA Thailand, it’s imperative that we begin by taking a look all the way at the top. The founder, creator, and head of everything is none other than top UFC veteran, Mike Swick. As amazing of a fighter that Swick was, he always felt that there was something […]


Why AKA Thailand in Phuket is the optimal place to learn Muay Thai

It’s a no-brainer that if you want to learn Muay Thai, you should probably go and train in Thailand. The best gyms are in Phuket and none are better than our luxury supergym, AKA Thailand. It is the optimal place to learn the basics of Muay Thai and gain knowledge in the discipline. The birthplace […]


Our MMA & BJJ room is part of why we’re the highest-rated intl gym

It’s no secret that AKA Thailand is a luxury gym with all of the bells and whistles. There are so many moving parts here that no one thing makes us stand out from everyone else. It’s our gym as a collective whole that makes us the highest rated international gym. Our BJJ and MMA room […]


Take a Thai cooking class when you are vacationing in Phuket

Take in the Thai culture when you visit Phuket by taking a Thai cooking class. The Phuket Cooking Academy offers classes for those who want to learn their cuisine. There is something for everyone there, as classes are offered for the full day or 1/2 the day. So, you can learn how to face-punch at […]


You haven’t experienced Phuket until you see the Phuket Weekend Market

Until you’ve experienced the Phuket Weekend Market, you haven’t really experienced Phuket. Sure, there are beautiful white sand beaches that can occupy your day, but that isn’t at all what Phuket is about. In any city, it’s the hustle and bustle that helps you see the actual culture of your destination. The market is a […]


The largest and most frequented temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong

The largest and most frequented temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong. While it may seem like a must-see landmark because of its beauty, it’s actually a functional building that people visit to pray. So, any time you visit it, both guests are there as well as locals who are utilizing the facility. In other words, […]


While at AKA Thailand it’s imperative that you take in Muay Thai fights

When visiting AKA Thailand in Phuket you are going to want to check out the sights of the city. One imperative thing that you must do is take in a Muay Thai fight. Both Bangla Boxing Stadium and the Patong Boxing Stadium host traditional Muay Thai fights there pretty regularly. Muay Thai is one of […]


At the correct time of year you can get some decent surf in Phuket

If you travel to Phuket at the correct time of the year you can totally find some decent surf. While Phuket itself isn’t consistently a surfing nirvana, it definitely holds it’s own if you go to the right place at the right time. We’ve compiled a list of the best surfing spots to make things […]


Transportation to get around Phuket the easiest way possible

You must pick a means for transportation when in Phuket, Thailand. Tourism is particularly crazy in Phuket and it’s imperative to choose the proper vehicle to get around. We outlined the ways to get around so you don’t make the mistake of taking the wrong mode of travel. Bicycle One of the most popular ways […]


Phuket’s floating restaurants are a tourist hit and totally unique

You want a totally unique and new experience while in Phuket? One such adventure is the floating restaurants. Sitting on top of the water eating seafood is something right out of a James Bond movie. Phuket.com says, “Phuket’s floating seafood restaurants are a fun way to dine out and can be found along the east […]