As if losing his ONE FC debut wasn’t bad enough, Sage Northcutt got his face broken in 8 places

Losing his ONE FC debut in 29 seconds was probably the last thing that Sage Northcutt thought would happen. Even less expected was that his face was fractured in 8 different places. Broken bones suck but eight of them is a disaster. Northcutt made his promotional debut against an absolute killer in Cosmo Alexandre. Alexandre […]

This whole ‘Logan Paul to the UFC’ is way too out of control

Logan Paul doing anything outside of making YouTube videos and boxing other YouTubers is a terrible idea. The UFC even considering Logan Paul as a contracted fighter on the roster is just out of control. This douche has made a name for himself by posting dumb videos and grabbing the attention of kids and tweens. […]

Marc Diakiese tries to ‘out-polite’ Sage Northcutt’s politeness

When you think of Sage Northcutt, usually the last thing that you think of is ‘fighter’. After getting through his politeness and A+ manners, only then do you remember that he is in the UFC. Sage is known for calling men ‘Mr’ and usually when he describes something, it’s ‘super’. Marc Diakiese tried to one-up […]

Sage Northcutt auditioned for Ivan Drago’s son in Creed 2.

Sage Northcutt auditioned for the part of Ivan Drago’s son in the upcoming ‘Creed 2’ movie. Nothing could be more Sage Northcuttish than this. Sage went on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and revealed that he had tried out for the part. .@SageNorthcutt auditioned for a role to play Ivan Drago’s son for the […]