Sean O’Malley breaks down the percentage of nanograms in his system

Reading Sean O’Malley breaking down the percentage of nanograms of an illegal substance in his system that he was busted for, is laughable. Again, because of flaws in drug testing, fighters are getting fined, missing fights, and suspended from competition. If you think the guy writing the article is frustrated, you should hear fighter frustration. […]

Sean O’Malley out of UFC 229 due to failed drug test. I’m verklempt.

Sean O’Malley is out of UFC 229 due to a failed drug test?! I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I guess USADA is done announcing who has been flagged for a potential violation because they flag everyone and are wrong 90% of the time. So, Sean O’Malley came right out and let the world know because […]