“Lesnar’s done. He’s retired” says Dana White. DC to now face Stipe again

Dana White said that Brock Lesnar is done with MMA. This spoils the plan that Daniel Cormier had to go out on a high note by making a truckload of cash. White came out and said that DC and Stipe Miocic have agreed to run it back again instead. White spoke to ESPN and shared […]

DC gives three reasons why he isn’t fighting Stipe again.

Daniel Cormier can be a proverbial ‘Pot Stirrer’ whenever he feels so inclined. Well, he felt the need to get his big ladle out and stir the hell out of a big ass pot. DC took to Twitter and asked fans if they really wanted to know the reasons that he wasn’t going to fight […]

Miocic says UFC is only hyping Ngannou. Ngannou: “That’s a boosheet”.

Straight out of the Wallid Ismael handbook, Francis Ngannou calls ‘boosheet’ on Stipe Miocic’s claim that the UFC is hyping only Ngannou. TMZ once again gets the great interview, but then ruins it with a clickbait title. “UFC’s Francis Ngannou Blasts Stipe Miocic: Keep Whining … You’re Done!” Um, nobody said that. What was actually […]