From the horse’s mouth. Mike Swick says group training is 30% off for a limited time.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, AKA Thailand owner and founder, Mike Swick, says that group training is 30% off for a limited time. This is a screaming deal, as your future time at AKA Thailand could cost only 1/3 of the regular price. Everyone is sick of this worldwide pandemic and they are especially sick […]

Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand

Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand. Rising UFC stars and UFC legends all know where they want to train when visiting Phuket. A few of the champion names who have graced the mats at AKA Thailand are Chuck Liddell, Big Nog, Jake Shields, Tyron Woodley, Nate Marquardt, and Luke Rockhold. […]


Check out Tyron Woodley’s private pad hitting session on the beach with Mike Swick

A private pad hitting session on a beautiful beach is any AKA Thailand guest’s dream. Tyron Woodley doing it with Mike Swick on a private beach is even more impressive than that. Normally on weekends, AKA Thailand trainers take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. However, when you are someone with […]

Tyron Woodley and Mike Swick have a private pad hitting session

During Tyron Woodley’s stay at AKA Thailand he is getting ready for his UFC fight in March. Mike Swick and Tyron took their workout to the beach and had themselves a private pad hitting session. Normally on the weekends the trainers at AKA Thailand take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. […]

AKA Thailand is hosting current and former UFC fighters right now!

At this very moment, AKA Thailand is hosting training to current and former UFC fighters. While we can’t stress enough that AKA Thailand is a gym for everyone, it is still a place where fighters at the highest level can come to train. On the mats this morning there were four fighters with a total […]


The Chosen One, Tyron Woodley, has landed at AKA Thailand

The Chosen One, Tyron Woodley, stated that AKA Thailand will now be the home to all of his pre-camp training. Well, Woodley has made his way out to AKA Thailand and he’s ready to get it going for his next fight. Rumors have been swirling around the internet about Woodley’s next fight and opponent. While […]

UFC 235: The Thrill and The Agony. T-Wood’s mom steals the show again

Once again, Tyron Woodley’s mother steals the show. In the ‘UFC 235: The Thrill and The Agony’ video, it’s Tyron’s mom who earns ‘Performance of the Night’. She’s always there for Tyron’s fights and is mother hen to all of the UFC chickadees. After his dominant win, Kamaru Usman went backstage and gave Ma’ Woodley […]

Tyron Woodley’s album has dropped. “Chaos Theory”

I’m not exactly sure if it was a timing thing, but former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley just dropped his new album, “Chaos Theory”. You have to wonder if he was planning on getting a big win then releasing his new album. Unfortunately, he had a rough night on Saturday night when he lost his […]

Tyron Woodley asked for GSP fight, but Georges wasn’t interested

Tyron Woodley is claiming that he went to the UFC requesting a fight with Georges St Pierre, but GSP just wasn’t interested. At the time, Woodley thought it was a chicken move on Georges’ part. However, in hindsight, he sees it was what was best for GSP’s career. “I came to the UFC to talk […]

Tyron Woodley’s new rap single ‘Blow’ raises concerns from UFC fans

I’m not quite sure that I’m on board with Tyron Woodley’s new rap single, ‘Blow’. It’s not because I think it’s good or bad, rather it’s the content. Woodley has always been one of the more outspoken people about how the UFC promotes black athletes. This video did him no favors in the sense that […]