Jon Jones wants to be better and Daniel Cormier is his example

Daniel Cormier is known to lead by example. He’s shown to be a shining example of how to carry yourself both inside and outside of the cage. He has inspired millions but no one would have ever thought that one of those people would be Jon Jones. According to Damon Martin at Jones spoke […]

AKA Thailand is hosting current and former UFC fighters right now!

At this very moment, AKA Thailand is hosting training to current and former UFC fighters. While we can’t stress enough that AKA Thailand is a gym for everyone, it is still a place where fighters at the highest level can come to train. On the mats this morning there were four fighters with a total […]


You know him from TUF 1, but Mike Swick is the AKA Thailand founder

Mike Swick had a gameplan that he came up with for his post UFC career. It was making the most guest-friendly gym in Thailand with all of the bells and whistles. After he starred in TUF 1 and made a career in the UFC, Swick followed his passion and created AKA Thailand. He followed what […]


Cain Velasquez says goodbye to the UFC and hello to the WWE

It appears that Cain Velasquez has said goodbye to fighting MMA in the UFC for now. Cain reached out to friends, fans, and organizations on his Instagram and made known his intentions about what his immediate future entails. He said that he’s leaving the UFC for the WWE. “To the UFC, my family, and all […]


It’s Khabib Time this week. We revisit Khabib vs Conor McGregor

This weekend in Abu Dhabi at UFC 242 we will once again watch the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov step into the Octagon. He will take on the interim lightweight champion, Dustin Poirier. Before that fight goes down this weekend, we revisit Khabib’s last victory; His October 2018 fight against Conor McGregor. The build up to UFC […]

UFC full bore, opening world’s biggest MMA training facility in Shanghai

While the UFC have dabbled in the Asian market, it looks as if they are going to go full bore in the Far East. The UFC will be opening the world’s biggest MMA training facility in Shanghai. Brett Okamoto at ESPN first broke the story. “There are over a billion people in China and that […]