AKA Muay Thai Techniques: Teep counter with some nasty return offense

AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainers demonstrate how to counter the teep with some nasty return offense. While we have posted counters to the teep in articles past, this ‘how-to’ focuses on returning the counter with a devastating blow. In this case, AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainers, Kru Bird and Kru Bank, show us two separate ways to do this and both are equally effective.

The techniques begin with catching your opponent’s front kick (or teep). The way that this is different than other counters is that while defensive, you pull your opponent towards you. This brings them at you with a higher velocity and in turn, makes the counter way more powerful. You are essentially using your opponent’s momentum to set up a knockout shot.

As both Bird and Bank demonstrate, when you yank your opponent towards you they are open for a severe blow. These come in the forms of either a flying knee or a spinning back elbow. In other words, you bring them in at a high speed and they run right into nothing but bone coming straight at them. Obviously, this technique is very effective in finishing an opponent. So it goes without saying that when you practice it, be very careful and have a training partner using mitts or pads.

Again, these moves done correctly can result in total devastation. Countering the teep with nasty return offense like the spinning back elbow or flying knee is very advanced stuff. Be safe!

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