AKA Thailand Muay Thai basics. Throw elbow variations the proper way.

In today’s AKA Thailand Muay Thai basics, we cover how to execute elbow variations the proper way. Even though this video is a ‘Basics’ video, that doesn’t discount the severity of damage that elbows can do. While the moves are basic in nature, the results can be devastating.

AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, is at it again and he demonstrates proper form when throwing all of these elbow types. If you are going to attempt to learn these moves it’s best to do on a heavy bag or on a friend who is holding mitts for you.

Like most other striking techniques, the power you distribute comes from your waist. Proper stance is key to performing each of these elbow types. The difference between elbows and punches comes when you execute them improperly. Elbows are going to do a lot more damage than punches will. The reason for this is because the elbow is solid bone. Hence why most of the time an elbow (or knee) lands, a cut opens up on an opponent.

Throwing any of these variations of elbows the proper way is key. It can mean the difference between damaging an opponent or putting them out and ending a fight.

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