AKA Thailand S&C coach, Mark Mariani, demonstrates the Pop-Up Flow

AKA Thailand is lucky to have strength and conditioning coach, Mark Mariani, on board. Coach Mariani brings a different element to the gym than just combat sports. Sure, AKA Thailand is a fight gym but it’s also a gym that is focused on fitness. This is where Coach Mariani comes in!

In the past, AKA Thailand has put out ‘AKA Techniques’ with our Muay Thai and BJJ instructors demonstrating different techniques. Coach Mariani is showing fitness drills for people to utilize and it’s called ‘AKA Body Fit Fusion’.

The first of these drills is the ‘Pop-Up Flow Drill’. Coach Mariani describes the drill in detail:

“This is a great flow drill that is perfect for surfers, combat athletes and anyone that wants a full body flow that works multiply movement patterns and gives you a great full body challenge.

The flow starts with a squat, transitions to a side sit-through and ends with an explosive plyometric push-up that lands you back on your feet.

Components of a good pop-up are flexibility in your hips and back, power in your upper body, and a strong and stable core. Make sure to master each individual exercise before putting them together into the full pop-up flow.”

Coach Mariani’s IG: @coach_mariani
AKA Thailand’s IG: @akathailand