We may be in Thailand but that doesn’t mean all we teach is Muay Thai

Just because we are located in Thailand, it doesn’t mean that all we teach here is Muay Thai. Granted, our Muay Thai program is a huge part of what we offer but it certainly isn’t all we offer.

Our BJJ/MMA program is headed up by Marcio Cesar Gracinha, who is a multiple level black belt and pro MMA fighter. Mike Swick created a gym where all levels are welcome and Marcio supports this belief, 100%. AKA Thailand is a mecca for training and our MMA/BJJ program is a huge part of that.

Aside from the combat sports element, we are very focused on fitness. We offer the famed Airdyne that has been so integral to AKA fighter cardio at the highest level. Yoga classes and a fully-equipped weight room are also here at our guest’s disposal.

While we have a plethora of Thai-born Muay Thai trainers who are all world-class, we aren’t just a Muay Thai gym. As you can see, we are so much more.