AKA Thailand Owner/Founder, Mike Swick, offers some motivation!

It’s not all of the time, but AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, took to his social media and offers some motivation. Swick has been dealing with a long battle with stage-4 Lymphoblastic, Lymphoma Leukemia and much like his UFC career, he’s fighting as hard as he can to defeat it.

However, Swick does not want you to feel sorry for him. Rather, he wants you to take his words and use them as motivation! From his Twitter:

“For those of you conquerors out there who are having a bit of trouble finding some motivation…

At 43 (Years old), 2022 was one of the most successful years of my life. It was also one of the happiest years of my life. I was never more hungry, motivated, and ready to do better…

And oh yeah, I am literally in my hospital room right now continuing my now, year-long battle with stage four Lymphoblastic, Lymphoma Leukemia. 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 57 seconds until my eight-hour chemo session will finally end for the day.

But to be completely honest, the biggest stress I have had today is that it’s Sunday and I have been unbearably unbusy because most of my staff is off and I haven’t had as many emails and texts to answer, approvals to make, new designs to modify, and any updates on my new projects. I can’t wait for tomorrow and even more, to be back in Phuket!

I will beat this cancer.

I will make 2023 the best year of my life.

I will not stress about the negative things that have not or may not happen.

I will try to keep learning each day to be a better person, to fix my problems, to help more people, and to find new ways to be different, while creating more success for my family, staff, and customers.

Are you as hungry as me?”

The boss of AKA Thailand, Mike Swick, offers motivation to those who need it. His words ring true and help put our own lives into perspective. Basically, get out there and put the work in! Whether it’s yourself, family, or your career; Attack it and don’t think twice about how hard it can get! Just make it happen!