AKA Thailand is not just your ordinary gym. There’s so much more inside!

AKA Thailand is not your ordinary gym. No, AKA Thailand is like an onion with tons of layers to peel back to see what’s really going on there. On the surface, it looks like a beautiful gym for pro fighters. However, what it really is, is a gym for people of all levels who want to workout, train, or just get a good sweat going. Again, AKA Thailand is catered to anyone with any goal.

There are classes for those who have never thrown a punch in their life. Classes are available for doing yoga. If you want to get incredible cardio, there’s the Airdyne workouts. Of course, if you just want to look good taking selfies for your Instagram, the gym is stacked with an incredible weight room. The gym features a full court basketball court for people who want to get buckets while they run instead of the treadmill monotony.

When you are looking to chill out after playing basketball or any other training, there is the Contender Cafe. So you don’t have to leave the gym site, the Contender Cafe has everything you could possibly want.

While, yes, AKA Thailand is heavily catered to fighters, the Cafe offers meal plans for those in training for a fight. If you are just a guest, well, there’s plenty of food that is catered to your needs.

“Eating at the Cafe is a great way to socialize and meet new people at the gym, or just grab a quick meal or shake between training sessions. From Thai, Western and European food to fruit shakes, protein shakes and a full breakfast menu, we have everything you’ll need to refuel and keep performing at your best. Our cooks are fantastic and highly experienced, so if you have any dietary requirements or restrictions, just speak with our helpful restaurant staff and they will be happy to serve you.”

What the gym offers that most gyms do not is our management. When we say management, we mean the people behind the scenes that make your stay in Thailand go smoothly. Not just at the gym, but everywhere. People are there specifically to help you set things up (like transportation, accommodations, translating the language) so all you have to do is pay and go. This unique feature of the gym is usually quietly raved about the most.

Top to bottom, AKA Thailand is a full service gym that will meet anyone’s needs. This is why the gym is rated 5 stars across the board, because you come first.