AKA Thailand will work with you to get you out here quickly and easily

Due to the state that the world is in, many people aren’t sure about how to travel or even book a trip. The folks at AKA Thailand are here to tell you that we will work with you to make your travel arrangements move both quickly and easily.

Management at AKA Thailand have devised a plan to ease people’s minds about setting up and booking a trip. We can get visitors here without much of a hassle and we can get it done smoothly. We can get travelers a 3, 6, or 12-month travel visa and management will help walk you through the process.

One thing we must remind everyone about is that Thailand has implemented a 2-week quarantine. If you plan on staying for months at a time, this is merely just a blip on the radar. Once that quarantine is over, you may freely move about the country.

To sweeten the deal for would-be guests, we are offering 30% off of all group lessons. We are aware that times are tough for everyone so we are giving this massive discount. Once paid for, it will never expire. This deal is for a limited time, so jumping on the bandwagon right now would be your smartest move.

Again, AKA Thailand management wants to work with you to make this as easy as possible. If you wanted to come to AKA Thailand, now is the perfect time to not only purchase but to visit. This pandemic actually has the sites and destinations of Phuket almost empty from all tourists. Never in our history has it been, or will it be, a better time to come out here for the AKA Thailand experience and beautiful travel.

Contact us at or go to our Contact Page to speak with someone today about how we can aid you in getting here!