Thor Skancke gets in touch with his inner ‘Stan’ in message to Scott Coker

You all remember the video ‘Stan’ by Eminem. It starred Devon Sawa (Huge MMA fan, btw) as an obsessed fan writing to Eminem to tell him how much he loves him. Well, new Bellator fighter, Thor Skancke, took the callout game to a new level and channeled his inner Stan while doing so.

Usually, if a fighter wants something, they threaten leaving a promotion or find the least classy way to get their message across. The game has changed and the art of self-promotion is in dire need of an upgrade.

Thor Skancke seems to have found a niche way of getting this done. It gets his message across AND it’s not digusting or pathetic. Originality alone should get Skancke whatever he’s asking for.