DC gives three reasons why he isn’t fighting Stipe again.

Daniel Cormier can be a proverbial ‘Pot Stirrer’ whenever he feels so inclined. Well, he felt the need to get his big ladle out and stir the hell out of a big ass pot. DC took to Twitter and asked fans if they really wanted to know the reasons that he wasn’t going to fight Stipe Miocic again. Then, he gave us three.

Reason 1: He’s being entitled. Why have I fought since and he hasn’t? He lost the fight, is he still the champ?
Reason 2: I’m hurt.
Reason 3: How do I do it better? I beat him in a round last time.

Those are certainly three bullet points worth considering. DC’s next fight will more than likely be his last. He’s pretty much earned the right to pick and choose whatever route he wants to go, despite how much it may irk Stipe.

Sometimes I wonder what DC loves more; The fight or the mind games. Because he is a double champ at both.