Tiger Kingdom offers an experience to be around tigers that you can’t get anywhere else

It’s almost impossible to find an experience with a tiger being plausible almost anywhere. Animal rights activists have done a great job shutting down any animal show in the world if there is any hint of unfair treatment. As far as the Tiger Kingdom is concerned, they have a green light to make it an attraction.

The official Tiger Kingdom website says that, “Each animal encounter includes around 10 minutes with your chosen big cat. Animal encounters are not suitable for people who require a wheelchair or walking aids. Participants must be fit and healthy and be able to squat/kneel down and stand up quickly with no assistance. Our packages regularly change, so please check back before your visit to see the up-to-date offers.

Tickets are priced in Thai Baht per person and can only be purchased when you arrive. We are open all year round.

All animal encounter tickets include admission into the park and premium insurance coverage height and age requirements apply. We cannot guarantee the Tigers will remain still for posed photos.”

It’s almost impossible to take photos with tigers anywhere in the world because of all the liability that comes along with dangerous animals. However, at Tiger Kingdom you can feed and play with the tigers.