Pick up some tips with Marcio Cesar Gracinha as he demonstrates commonly used BJJ techniques

Third degree BJJ black belt, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, has taught thousands of AKA Thailand guests his techniques. Now, Professor Marcio demonstrates some basic BJJ for you to get some tips from. Of course, BJJ isn’t ‘basic’ in any way. However, there are levels to the discipline and Marcio shows some of the more entry level moves.

Pass Guard for Mount

Marcio shows how to pass someone’s guard and get the most dominant position in BJJ, full mount.

Sweep from Open Guard

Professor Marcio demonstrates how to get a sweep from his open guard by using his opponents gi and leverage against him.

Arm Triangle

Often times in MMA, we see the setup and finish of the arm triangle. This is one of the most common submissions in BJJ, apart from the rear naked choke and the guillotine.

Pass Guard

The most basic technique, yet the most frustrating for someone trying to use their offense, is simply passing guard.

Armbar Transition

Transitioning to a choke from armbar is anything but basic. However, it is very common to see someone set this up and execute it.