TJ Dillashaw says he doesn’t know why Cody Garbrandt hates him.

I definitely was not expecting to see TJ Dillashaw say that he didn’t know why Cody Garbrandt hates him. I know why and you know why, but TJ doesn’t seem to.

The two will square off in their long-awaited grudge-match this Saturday at UFC 217. Before that goes down, all the combatants do their media campaigns at the beginning of the week. This is usually when we hear all of the most bizarre takes.

In TJ’s own words:

“I don’t really know (Why he hates me so much). The beef is not really with me and him. I don’t even really know the guy that well. It comes down to Dwayne Ludwig and Urijah Faber not liking each other.”

Luckily, after Saturday, this should be a dead issue. Nothing sorts out a beef better than a good old-fashioned fistfight.