AKA Thailand is now totally chill, with our new custom ice bath.

Kevin Hart has a YouTube show called, “Cold as Balls”. He sits in a totally chill ice tub with his guests and asks them questions. We all laugh at the jokes but most people miss the point that ice baths are for exercise recovery. AKA Thailand has gotten on board and created a beautiful tropical ice bath for post-workout recovery.

From our Instagram post:

“From a concept to reality, AKA Thailand has completed construction on our custom on-site tropical ice bath patio. It’s free to use for our guests and is a perfect addition to our luxury training resort!”

Ice baths are no joke and you really have to prepare mentally for it. They can be truly bone-numbing but the recovery is phenomenal. Cryo-Therapy is supposed to be the new ‘thing’ in athletic recovery or injury but it doesn’t hold a candle to ice baths.

Owner/founder, Mike Swick, has a grand vision of what AKA Thailand is going to look like. Thus far, he has nailed it but he continues to add onto his initial idea and is making our gym a much more functional resort-style gym. The ice bath is another step in his big picture.

If workouts are very trying (and they should be) the bath is a perfect escape to totally chill. It helps relieve muscle soreness and aids with inflammation. More than anything, it is a place to talk trash to training partners after a hard AKA Thailand workout about who is the better fighter.

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