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MMA Trainers

Mike Swick

Mike Swick

AKA Thailand Head Coach & Program Director

15 career UFC fights Featured on season 1 of the Ultimate Fighter TV Show Featured In Esquire Magazine as a Rising Fitness CEO In Asia Nicknamed Quick after finishing 4 UFC fights in a combined 5:10 One of the original members of Team AKA Has trained in Thailand since ’00 Official trainer on The UFC’s …

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Dillon Croushorn MMA / BJJ Instructor

Dillon Croushorn

MMA / BJJ Instructor

Dillon Croushorn is one of AKA Thailand’s most sought after striking for MMA coaches. Dillon began training in kickboxing at age 6 in 1991 and has been a professional fighter since 2002. With over 270 fights as an amateur and over 125 as a professional, Dillon is a 4x champion in Kickboxing and a 5x champion in Muay Thai. Dillon is also on the educational development team for the MMA Conditioning Association and is a TRX Qualified Trainer. He was awarded his BJJ Brown Belt in 2021 and is on the path to earning his Black Belt. Dillon now lives, trains, coaches, and fights out of AKA Thailand.

Muay Thai Trainers

Kru Yuth Portrait

Kru Yuth

Head Muay Thai Trainer

Equipped with some of the fastest hands in the South, Kru Yuth is a precision focused instructor. He started training at the age of 6 and has fought over 400 times! He’s won 8 championship titles and now finds himself sharing his experience. His teaching style is creative in his use of old school methods and tools to inspire his students and find out what areas you need to improve on. He has great respect to the martial art and is passionate about fighting. He has great English and always has something he’d like to talk about.


Kru Son

Kru Son has been involved with Muay Thai for 29 years and has over 260 fights to his name. In his fight career, his proudest moment was becoming the 128 lb. champion of The Southern Siam Muay Thai Organization. As a trainer, he feels that Muay Thai is good exercise that makes you stronger, and is a good tool for self-defense. He also feels that it teaches discipline and responsibility for your actions. Kru Son is married with three children.

Kru Dit

At only 24 years old, Kru Dit already has 10 years of Muay Thai experience, and over 200 fights to his name. He loves Muay Thai not only because it keeps him healthy and is great for self defense, but also because it has enabled him to earn a living. His favorite technique is a well-placed kick to the base of the neck. Kru Dit prides himself on being able to share his knowledge and experience with people from all over the world here at AKA Thailand. In his spare time he can be found at Khao Rang Viewpoint, one of his favorite spots in Phuket.

Kru Chai

Kru Chai’s first fight was a decision win at Lumpinee Stadium when he was just ten years old, and he has since had over 200 fights. He loves to teach the culture, traditions, and techniques of Muay Thai to all of his students. Aside from teaching the history of the sport, Chai is also a big advocate of learning Muay Thai as a way of self-defense.

Kru Pond Portrait

Kru Pond

Inspired at the age of 5, Kru Pond began his Muay Thai journey after seeing his friends compete. He describes himself as a counter-striker, exposing his opponents with long reaching punches and finds satisfaction when he lands a clean elbow or kick. After racking up almost 100 fights he opened a gym and began teaching for a year before coming to AKA Thailand. He has a relaxed style of teaching emphasizing a stress free atmosphere. His future goals are clear as he wishes to start a family open a cow farm.


Kru Tum

At the age of 6, Kru Tum found his love for Muay Thai after seeing his friends compete. He developed an aggressive fighting style, utilizing knees and absolute determination that set him on the path to becoming a 2 time athlete of the year in 2 different provinces. Kru Tum has fought almost 300 times, at least 20 of them in the prestigious Lumphini Stadium. In university, he was ranked 3rd in Thailand in Karate. He traveled to Phuket to compete in a Wai Kru Championship and won. He has also traveled around Asia to teach his art and finds himself here at AKA Thailand. Kru Tum sees Muay Thai not only as a means of self defense but an art form that could benefit anyone from any background. To round off his legacy, Kru Tum believes the security of his family will be his biggest achievement.


Kru Tim Portrait

Kru Tim

Kru Tim started his Muay Thai journey at the age of 9 with the influence of his uncle. Born in Khon Kaen, he has over 120 fights. When he turned 20 he moved to China to teach Muay Thai where he learned how become patient and teach to foreigners. Kru Tim has a formal but relaxed structure to how he teaches. He believes that Muay Thai teaches values such as respect and that it is a good way to keep children away from trouble.


Kru Ole Portrait

Kru Ole

Kru Ole was born in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Like many of our trainers he was just 7 years old when he began fighting. A former Southern Thailand Champion with more than 200 fights over the course of a nearly 20 year career, Kru Ole is proud to have a strong winning record. In addition to being a great form of exercise and self defense, Muay Thai funded Kru Ole’s University degree in Physical Education. Now he enjoys helping our guests learn complex techniques and seeing their progress.

Kru Garfield Portrait

Kru Garfield

Our youngest trainer, Kru Fill is 19 years old. He’s has over 4 years of teaching experience as well as 65 professional Muay Thai fights to his name. He’s become a 2-Time Southern Thailand Champion after beginning his journey at the age of 7. He’s earned the stage name of “The Cop” as he’s been able to earn a living for his family with the martial art of Muay Thai.

Kru Faris Portrait

Kru Faris

With over 26 years of being in the industry, Kru Faris has garnered 130 wins in his 157 fight career. Nicknamed “Ma-Mai” (meaning “Newcomer”) he appeared on the Channel 7 Show 3 times fighting in some of the most reputable organizations at the age of 18. After being inspired by his brother, Faris took his first fight and made 200 THB which helped support his family to make ends meet. A southern champion in the 115-pound and 112-pound category, he’s followed the footsteps of his father to become a great fighter who now aims to show the newcomers here at AKA Thailand, how it’s done.

Kru Nut Portrait

Kru Nut

Starting his Muay Thai journey at the age of 12, Kru Nut is one of our youngest trainers. He’s had a hundred Muay Thai fights and 10 professional western boxing fights after seeing his talent of using his fists. He’s represented his province (Krabi) for 4 years in the sport and competed for the championship at the 120-pound category in Korea. He’s undefeated in Lumpinee and 8-4 at Rajadamnern Stadium. He’s a champion in Boxing competing in Japan and Indonesia in the 40kg weight class. Today he’s a trainer at AKA Thailand and currently represents us for his next fight!

Kru M

A pressure fighter turned trainer, Somchai Nongprakon is not new to the fight game. He began fighting at the age of 11 building a record of 60 wins in 80 fights at 17 years old. He’s a champion of central Thailand in the 58 KG and 65 KG categories respectively and the age of 31, has brought what he’s learned to AKA Thailand. Kru M has good English and focuses on conditioning in his teachings as indicated by the size of his calves.

Kru Dang Portrait

Kru Dang

With an impressive record of 75 wins in his career of 80 fights, Kru Dang is an elite tactician and counter striker with over 10 years of teaching experience. Starting at 8 years old because he enjoyed being at his uncle’s gym, Kru Dang may seem like a savage on paper, but he has a heart of gold in person!

Kru Mai Portrait

Kru Mai

With over 250 fights on record, Kru Mai is heavy hitter utilizing his punches and elbows to fight his way to the top. He’s fought at various prestigious stadiums in Bangkok and has represented the Thai Royal Army in Muay Thai competitions. Starting at 10 years old becoming a battle hardened warrior at 28, he’s now hoping to teach his life’s work to our guests.

Kru San Portrait

Kru San

Taking his first Muay Thai at just 7 years old, Kru San is a familiar face on TV networks fighting at big events winning championships around Thailand. He’s fought on MAX Muay Thai 6 times winning the belt. He’s a champion of the Southern region and specializes in walking forward with the ability to counter and has excellent technique. With all these accolades, it is however his first time teaching and he hopes to do is best under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

Yoga Teacher

Nitikarn Thachina Portrait

Nitikarn Thachina (Niti)

Niti is from Phayao and moved to Phuket 8 years ago. She graduated with a diploma in Yoga Education at Nashik, India and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYS 200). She has taught yoga around the world from France to the Caribbean Islands and to China. Niti specializes in meditation and relaxation. She focuses on making sure her clients are in the right mindset to have the best experience. She is spiritual and has a positive mental attitude. She can teach anyone from beginner to advanced, from toddlers to seniors. She is always keen to learn about philosophy and makes most of her biggest life decisions around the practice of yoga.