AKA Thailand training availability status, as of 10/14/20

With COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic for 7 months now, people are getting antsy as to the status of AKA Thailand’s training availability. Inquiries have been coming in from would-be guests who are itching to get back to world-class training on the mats, here at AKA Thailand. We’re here to tell you exactly what is going on and how you can come here to train.

As of right now, you can enter Thailand from specific countries. You can check with your country’s Thai embassy to see if you are even on the list of possibly flying in to Thailand. 

If you can find a flight, yes, you can fly into Bangkok. However, you have to stay at a hotel for two weeks in Bangkok to quarantine with COVID testing before they will let you travel through Thailand. So, we are available, but it is very much a process.

Because you can’t easily come into Thailand, we are offering our 30% off deal for a limited time and that time is nearing the end. Once everything is opened back up and people can travel freely to Thailand this deal will be gone. If you purchase the 30% off deal now it is good forever, it will never expire.

If you have any other questions please direct your inquiries to and our management team can assist you further and in much greater detail. Thank you and stay safe!