Try Muay Thai for your initial time with any of our Thai-born trainers

When you try Muay Thai for the initial time it would be in your best interest to visit AKA Thailand in Phuket. Because it’s in Thailand? Well, yes, but also because all of our Muay Thai trainers are Thai-born with over 2,000+ fights and they absolutely LOVE to teach their knowledge of Muay Thai to those with a thirst for learning.

Here is a list of our coaches and what they bring to the table.

Kru Pet

Kru Pet had 280 fights, winning 205 of them, before becoming a Muay Thai Trainer. Kru Pet loves to teach students at every level and tries to teach the people he trains the rules and respect around Muay Thai. Kru Pet believes if every one has respect for each other, everything else will be smooth and easy.

Kru Wut

Kru Wut had 200 Muay Thai fights before he became a Muay Thai trainer. Kru Wut is a kind person who understands all of the steps that a guest needs to learn Muay Thai. Whether students are experienced or starting from zero, Kru Wut can teach the right things to all of his students. Kru Wut wants them to have the proper technique and understand all of the rules for Muay Thai in order to use the right techniques when they have a real fight.

Kru Yao

Kru Yao has loved Muay Thai since he was child. His first fight was when he was 14-years-old and he has always fought at Lumphini Stadium. Kru Yao had his last fight at 32 years of age. He learned Muay Thai techniques during his time as a fighter and transitioned them into his training style when he became a Muay Thai trainer. He teaches all the rules to his students, as he knows this is very important thing to be a good fighter.

Kru Chai

Kru Chai’s first fight was a decision win when he was just 10-years-old at Lumphini Stadium. Before he became a Muay Thai trainer, he had 150 fights in which he amassed a record of 105-45. Kru Chai wants to teach about the culture of Muay Thai to all of his students, as Muay Thai is not as easy as many people think.

Kru Sid

Kru Sid hails from the province of Satun and is a former South Thailand Champion. He has been training since the age of 8 and has fought over 200 times. His coaching style is very technical and focused, and he always aims to see students improving in each session. He is a father to two daughters and has one son. When he is not coaching, he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Kru Oley

Kru Oley is one of our youngest trainers and has stopped fighting to focus on coaching and building a career. He hails from Nakhon Si Thammarat and is a former Southern Thailand Champion at 52 kilos.

Kru Ton

Kru Ton has been training and fighting for over 20 years. He is a great technical pad holder and is always eager to work with all levels of students. This includes complete beginners to seasoned fighters. He is very charismatic and will push you to your limits at each session.

Kru Bird

Kru Bird speaks excellent English and prides himself on making sure all of our students are well taken care of in our Muay Thai classes. He began training at 9 years of age and stopped at 18 to take care of his family and work to provide them with a better life. Now, he is an integral part of our team of Muay Thai trainers and works hard to provide for his daughter and two sons.

Kru Beng

Kru Beng is from Nakhorn Si Tammarat and is very respected in the Muay Thai world. His fight career has seen him compete in over 250 Muay Thai fights. He is known for his aggressive style and never getting tired in a fight. Kru Beng is still actively competing in Muay Thai in addition to being a trainer at AKA Thailand.