Turinabol still in Jon Jones’ system. Anthony Smith doesn’t care

Jon Jones is made up of blood, bone, and picograms of Turinabol. Apparently, Turinabol stays in your system and hides from tests then reappears when it feels like it. Just like Herpes. It was reported yesterday that once again there were traces of this banned substance in Jones’ system at the UFC 232 weigh-in drug test.

Being that Jon Jones is fighting tentatively fighting Anthony Smith at UFC 235, fans came in droves to Anthony Smith’s Twitter asking him how he felt about the situation. Smith was very blunt in his delivery to the fans with a very resounding attitude of not caring.

“If you’re hitting me up about this, don’t. I truly don’t care. Picograms, no picograms, Olympic sized swimming pools, grains of salt 🤦🏽‍♂️… I couldn’t care any less. I signed on the line and did it knowing what I was signing up for and with no expectations. I’m good, Y’all. 🙅🏽‍♂️”

Smith is content with whatever Jones has going on in his body and ultimately just wants to punch a hole in his chest and take his light heavyweight championship.