Check out Tyron Woodley’s private pad hitting session on the beach with Mike Swick

A private pad hitting session on a beautiful beach is any AKA Thailand guest’s dream. Tyron Woodley doing it with Mike Swick on a private beach is even more impressive than that.

Normally on weekends, AKA Thailand trainers take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. However, when you are someone with the name recognition of Tyron Woodley, AKA Thailand founder, Mike Swick, goes out of his way to be totally hands-on.

Swick took AKA Thailand trainer, Dillon Croushorn, with him and Tyron to a beach where Dillon held pads for Tyron. With each passing day, Woodley keeps looking sharper during his time here.

Woodley is preparing for his March 21 UFC fight against Leon Edwards in London.