Tyron Woodley asked for GSP fight, but Georges wasn’t interested

Tyron Woodley is claiming that he went to the UFC requesting a fight with Georges St Pierre, but GSP just wasn’t interested. At the time, Woodley thought it was a chicken move on Georges’ part. However, in hindsight, he sees it was what was best for GSP’s career.

“I came to the UFC to talk about a fight with Georges. They ask George about the fight and George was saying, ‘I want to fight somebody that makes sense for my career and is going to boost me. Aka, he felt like if he fought me it was only a win-win situation for me. He had a stronger name, a stronger brand, and I wouldn’t get strong PPV points from the fight. If he wins, he was supposed to win. If I won, my career was boosted.

That was that was his reasoning many MANY times. It wasn’t like once, it was lots of times. Like, five or six times this fight was brought to him and he wasn’t interested.”

The champ had nothing but good things to say about the now-retired legend.