AKA Techniques: Using ring ropes to attack your opponent in Muay Thai

Using the ring ropes in Muay Thai is a great addition to a fighter’s arsenal of techniques. While it isn’t part of someone’s natural weapons, it can be used to help accentuate techniques. You may have seen these moves in pro wrestling but we assure you, they can be go-to moves in Muay Thai.

Kru Bird and Kru Pet show how you can use the ropes surrounding a ring to your advantage. Most notably seen during fights is dodging a punch by leaning back and bouncing off of the rope to counter-attack. When springing back, it can increase power in your strikes because of the momentum that you gain when thrust forward.

The next technique that our Muay Thai trainers show is when a fighter creates separation by uniquely using the ropes. However, this technique is from way outside of the box. If you get your kick caught and your opponent tries to sweep you while holding your leg, grab the ropes and kick off of them. It’s the kind of stuff that you would see from Anthony Pettis or Michel Pereia but it is extremely effective.

The last technique Bird and Pet show is how to sidestep a kick, grab the leg, and yank your opponent to their butt. This was a one-off, folks… The technique was so effective that Bird fell on his microphone and Pet couldn’t stop laughing at him.

These moves can all be used and can work when done correctly. Whether in training or in the ring, any of these techniques will help step up your game.