Watch the monkeys at ‘Monkey Hill’. Just make sure to stay on your toes!

Monkey Hill is a huge tourist spot to visit but you need to be on your guard at all times. This isn’t some animal sanctuary that you would visit where there are trainers and people watching your 6. No, here you are out in nature with monkeys and you are at their mercy.

You think monkey and you think ‘Oh, how cute’. However, at Monkey Hill you shouldn’t just be enamored by their cuteness and let your guard down. They aren’t violent towards humans but they will take whatever they can get their hands on, ESPECIALLY FOOD. details how to safely approach Monkey Hill.

“These are not aggressive monkeys if you follow some basic rules: don’t leave anything in the basket of your bike, especially your seven eleven cookies, or worse your Vuitton bag (don’t laugh, I saw that). Babies are adorable, but if the mother feels their baby threatened, who knows how she would react. And don’t challenge that big hairy guy in the middle, he is the boss, and he’ll be happy to remind you. You can freely walk around all you want and take all the photos you like. A zoom lens will give you some great and safe shots.”