Weather surrounding AKA Thailand should not influence if you come out to train or not

If you are coming to train at AKA Thailand pay no mind to the weather in the surrounding area. If you are just coming to train and don’t see your trip as a “vacation”, any time of the year is good to visit here. Our gym is an experience and weather doesn’t affect it.

November through April is the time to come if you want to do outdoor activities. If the weather permits, beaches in Phuket are absolutely breathtaking. However, between May and October it is our monsoon season. So, if you are looking for a beach vacation drinking Mai Tais, you may want to bring your slicker.

Weather doesn’t affect our gym training, whether it’s good or bad. Our Muay Thai building is equipped with a state-of-the-art motorized shade system that can completely enclose the facility in case of weather or simply for privacy. Our BJJ/MMA area is in an air-conditioned indoor room, so the seasons aren’t even an issue.

Long story short, any time is a good time to train here. It’s just personal preference as to whether or not ‘vacationing’ in Phuket is in your agenda.