Weekend beach workouts and training makes AKA Thailand even more fun

While technically our weekend beach workouts at AKA Thailand are not in the gym, they still count as part of our curriculum. However, weekend workouts are still run by our gym instructors and are just as effective as the ones inside our walls during the week.

Often times, our weekend workouts consist of taking a trip to nearby beaches. Although, it’s not for sunbathing and getting a George Hamilton tan. We host workouts that are taught by our Muay Thai trainers and can be anywhere from sparring on the sand to Judo in the ocean. Beach training is usually the most popular weekend workout because you can get a killer workout while your toes are in the sand or water.

Another weekend workout that we do is Hill Sprints. Now, these can be brutal but they are very effective for cardio. So, if you live by the motto, “No pain. No gain”, then our Hill Sprints are for you.

Our coaches also like to bring people to scenic outlooks to do some mitt work and Muay Thai training. We bring people to these scenic places so workouts are made just a little easier when doing them amidst spectacular views of Phuket.

When we make posts on our Instagram about the weekend workouts, past guests usually comment on how much they miss these workouts. More than anything else, it’s the camaraderie and friendships that they develop when doing these workouts together.

Whether it be our beach workouts or any of our other kinds, guests are treated to cardio training on the weekends. We say it all the time but we’ll say it again… We never stop working!