As of yesterday, AKA Thailand is reopened with a total makeover

Life has been tough for us all having to deal with this pandemic and being confined to their homes. Finally, after a 3-month quarantine, AKA Thailand reopened its doors yesterday. The Thai government gave businesses the green light to get back to some sort of semblance of normalcy and allowed us to open up our doors yesterday.

From our IG,

“First day back open at @akathailand and people showed up eager to get back on the mats for training! Airports are still not open for International flights, but they will be on July 1st and we are excited to see everyone return.”

We remodeled the gym just in time for the grand reopening yesterday. AKA Thailand is now stocked with all new Fairtex training gear, heavy bags, and equipment. The workout area equipment has all been reupholstered and we’ve added new machines there as well. Brand new mats for the gym are on the way to round out our beautiful remodel. Also, brand new top-of-the-line NASA Technology “LUNA” commercial grade air purifiers have been installed in all indoor training areas for maximum cleanliness. We are the same AKA Thailand in spirit but with a total makeover.