Yoel Romero said he had ‘heard’ Paulo Costa was popped by USADA

Yoel Romero went on to Ariel Helwani’s show on Monday and said the reason he’s not fighting Paulo Costa is because Costa failed a USADA drug test. It was a very bold claim and as it turns out Romero said that it was just something he had heard. I must admit, when looking at Costa, the first thing that pops into your head is how enormous and vascular he is for 185 lbs.

Since the time of Romeros accusation, even middleweights like Chris Weidman have taken to Twitter and said the old line that, “If it walks like a duck…”. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. It’s 2019 and you are innocent until proven guilty. Even then, people will have a march or parade saying how you were wronged.

According to mmafighting.com, Costa’s manager and OG,Wallid Ismail, said that Romero is misinformed. That “There was no failed doping test.”

“It’s not true, there was no doping, he wasn’t caught doing [anything],” Ismail said. “That’s a lie. A big lie.”