AKA Thailand is for all levels. From the day 1 beginner to top pros

What most people fail to realize is that AKA Thailand isn’t just for top pros or the elite combat sports athletes. Many times when we speak to people about AKA Thailand they usually just think it’s a fight gym for pros. Oh how wrong they are.

AKA Thailand is a destination gym. Mike Swick created it to be a place for people of all levels to achieve fitness goals. Of course, top combat sports athletes come here to get the best training for upcoming fights. However, that doesn’t mean beginners aren’t welcome.

Our Muay Thai and BJJ trainers teach based on specifically designed programs for everyone. Beginners train right alongside professionals and everyone is always willing to lend a hand. We have created an ego-free environment where everyone is able to learn and grow with no judgement.

There is a reason we are rated 5-stars and it has a lot to do with us being accommodating towards everyone who walks through our doors.