AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, showing basic MT techniques

AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, does a lot of our #AKATechniques series. Most of the instructionals are of Bird showing the proper way to utilize techniques. In this series, Bird shows the most simple moves that you can do in Muay Thai. Things as basic as the proper stance seem like a no-brainer but it’s imperative to get it all correct before doing anything further in Muay Thai.

Proper Stance:

Before any strike can even be thrown, simply standing the right way is lesson number one in Muay Thai. Feet, hip, and arm positioning are paramount here.

Basic Jab

The simplest of any strike and also the most effective at measuring and keeping your opponent at range is the jab.

Jab 1-2 Combo

Here, Kru Bird shows us how to stand properly and throw an effective Jab 1-2 combination.

1-2 Hook combo

The jab then 2, followed by a hook can usually be a knockout blow in a fight. Kru Bird shows how to properly twist the trunk of your body to ensure solid power of the hook.

1-2 Uppercut

Similar to the 1-2 hook combo, instead of finishing off with a hook, here you throw the punch that no one sees coming. The uppercut comes from seemingly out of nowhere and Kru Bird shows how to effectively twist your body the correct way to ensure proper form.