Aljamain Sterling got KO’d and dabbed. Sterling agreed, LOL.

Say what you will about Aljamain Sterling, but the dude can laugh at himself. After his KO loss to Marlon Moraes, the internet claimed that he ‘dabbed’ while unconscious. Obviously, when you are unconscious, you have no control over what your body decides to do. Well, Sterling’s body thought it was Cam Newton scoring a touchdown and dabbed. Hard.

The internet is an unforgiving bitch who never forgets and always wins. So, when Sterling was knocked out and his body went into the perfect dab pose, the unforgiving bitch flooded him with tweets. Apparently, Sterling went back to see if the claims were warranted and sure enough, there it was.


Dab City, baby. Population, Aljamain Sterling. He took to Twitter to let his fans know that he got the memo and he agreed.

How can you NOT love this guy?