‘Amazing’. Incredible’. The best!’ Trip Advisor reviews of AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand is a luxury gym in Phuket that is catered to our guest’s needs. Mike Swick had a vision when he conceptualized the gym and when it came to fruition, AKA Thailand was all that he had dreamed of and more. reviews are 5-stars across the board and reviewers use words like ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’, and ‘the best’ to describe it.

Check out some of our most recent guest’s positive reviews!

**”AKA Thailand is everything is promotes itself to be: a mecca for MMA, Muay Thai & Fitness at the heart of Thailand’s paradise island of Phuket.

I arrived there unfit both mentally and physically, and as a complete beginner to MMA and Muay Thai. In just six short days, I was 1.5kg lighter, mentally rejuvenated, and a more educated beginner. Everyone from the staff to current professional fighters which I had the honor of training alongside, were approachable, helpful, and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better training environment. My only complaint is that six days was too short. Next time I’ll be going for a minimum of two weeks.

I would highly recommend AKA to anyone who is looking for anything from a fun, care-free healthy holiday to an intensive and professional fight camp.

Specific recommendations:
Start each day AKA’s signature 30 min Airdyne conditioning circuits with Dillion Croushorn
Go to the Muay Thai group classes and find a trainer who fits your style/you get along with a book a private 1-on-1 session. I promise you will not regret it
No matter your level of BJJ – check out both the morning foundation classes and evening sessions. All three black belts are amazing teaches and do a fantastic job w making sure you learn the correct technique safely.
Stay at Jane Homestay & Resort. It’s located right across the street from AKA (30m walk). The rooms are great, beds comfortable, there is a decent-sized pool, healthy cafe/restaurant, and fantastic staff/service.”

**”Absolutely hands down the best training facility in Phuket! As a bodybuilder dating a powerlifter wanting to learn Muay Thai & stay on program, we needed a facility that had it all. From the fun and deathly hard Muay Thai privates we did, to the gym facility in air-con equipped with leg press, extension, smith machine, barbells, dumbells & cables. Not to mention the cafe with an awesome healthy menu, all we wanted was protein oats and pancakes and we found it.

The vibe here is so welcoming and chilled, we checked out other gyms but the energy wasn’t what we were after, (Other gyms) were geared more commercially with pumping music and rusty barbells, no machines, cross fit style…. not our scene at all. Not to mention they didn’t even notice us walking around. The guys at AKA will become familiar faces to you over the week and will help you with anything. We’ll be going back for sure!!!!”

**”I had the opportunity to train for 1 month at AKA Thailand and it was great. Coaches are professional, staff are so friendly, community of people are coming for the same goals so the interests are mutual… food is also great.”