Anderson Silva responds to Conor’s challenge with a resounding, yes.

I was totally unaware that Conor McGregor was asking for a fight with Anderson Silva. After hearing about it I felt the need to give a resounding ‘Yes’. According to Anderson Silva, he’s on board for making it happen as well.

Silva has fought as low as 168 pounds in his career before. However, being 43 years old, it’s not likely that Silva will be able to get down to that weight again. He’s claiming that he’d like to fight McGregor at 180 pounds, but Conor hasn’t fought that high before. If this fight is going to come to fruition, the two athletes will have to meet somewhere in the middle.

Don’t count this fight being a possibility, out. We’ve seen much crazier things happen when it comes to the UFC promoting and trying to generate money. Silva vs McGregor doesn’t seem like it’s out of the realm of that possibility.