Life’s a Beach at AKA Thailand! The benefits of our beach workouts

Bluntly put, AKA Thailand is the premier state-of-the-art training facility in Thailand. Our Muay Thai program is run by Thai trainers with a lifetime of experience, BJJ is taught by Professor Marcio Cesar Gracinha, and at any given time; Top MMA fighters from around the globe are there doing workouts.

Yes, our facility is on another level of awesome but sometimes we like to change up the scenery. Pads and mats are cleaned many times during the day, so workouts are always clean. However, once in a while we like to change up the scenery a bit. This is when our trainers head down to the beautiful beaches nearby and hold their workouts on the beach.

The instructors chose 1 of 3 local beaches that are close in proximity to AKA Thailand. Participants can either bicycle from the gym or just meet when the set time is distinguished. While it’s totally different than the mats of AKA Thailand, it’s nice to get a workout in with the same trainers but within the gorgeous Thailand surroundings.

Beach workouts consist mainly of an all cardio and technique workout. Clearly we can’t bring the rings down to the sand so coaches work closely to guests and have them hit mitts or do some other cardio.

It is now at the point that when guests of the gym miss a workout, they are kicking themselves until the next one comes around.