Every AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer is Thai and has a lifetime of experience

The trainers at AKA Thailand have a lifetime of experience in the sport of Muay Thai. Combined, our trainers have over 2,000+ fights under their belts.

Trainers like Kru Pet have 280 fights under his belt, winning 205 of them. Kru Pet loves to teach students at every level and tries to teach the people he trains the rules and respect about Muay Thai. Kru Pet believes if every one has respect for each other, everything else will be smooth and easy.

Another trainer that is a guest favorite is Kru Bird. Kru Bird speaks excellent English and prides himself on making sure all of our students are well taken care of in our Muay Thai classes. He began training at 9 years of age and stopped at 18 to take care of his family and work to provide them with a better life. Now, he is an integral part of our team of Muay Thai trainers and works hard to provide for his daughter and two sons.

Aside from these two, we have one of the most solid Muay Thai training teams in the world. Our trainers are a huge part of why we are a 5-star rated gym.