Everything that you could want from a combat sports gym, we have!

At AKA Thailand we like to think that we have everything that even the most finicky of guests would want. Mike Swick left no stone unturned when he thought up the concept of AKA Thailand and the gym delivers it all. Management, cleanliness, trainers, programs, and food; All hit the mark!

Our trainers for all of our combat sports are world class. The BJJ/MMA program is headed up by 3rd degree black belt, Marcio Cesar Gracinha. Professor Marcio is from the famed Nova Uniao team that produced Renan Barao and Jose Aldo. He’s also a seasoned MMA fighter with a wealth of experience under his belt.

Our Muay Thai trainers are all Thai-born with a combined 2,000+ fights. All were hired because of their experience in Muay Thai and their willingness to teach those who want to learn about the sport’s history.

Our management team is on another level. Aside from taking care of the day to day running of AKA Thailand they go above and beyond what is asked of them. They take care of our guests outside of the gym like no other gym in Thailand does. The work that they do is more similar to a hotel concierge than a gym management team.

The Contender Cafe offers healthy food and meal plans for guests. It’s imperative that people have food at their disposal as opposed to trying to navigate Phuket for every meal. The Cafe is on site and just steps from our main training area.

All of our amenities and people that work here are what makes us so successful. Our 5-star online rating reflects what exactly we are doing here.