Greg Hardy’s NFL peers “See him becoming the UFC HW champ one day”

Usually, your peers are the only people we care about giving us their approval. In the case of Greg Hardy, I think that case remains the same. There are so many haters out there who are vocal and against Hardy finding success that I imagine he only cares about what those close to him think.

Such is the case with his former teammate and self-professed brother, Mike Tolbert. Tolbert has been so impressed with what he’s seen from Hardy, he believes that if he puts his time in, he will be successful at whatever he tries.

“He’s so talented at everything he puts his mind to. Whether it’s football or rapping; He did rap for a little bit. He’s so athletic, big, and strong that I can see him being the heavyweight champ of the UFC one day. I really do.”

Hardy has been quite impressive in his two pro fights, but we have yet to see what his ground game looks like. At the moment, his standup is pretty legit and his skills seem to be developing nicely.