Man(el) on Fire! Manel Kape Wins Bantamweight Gold at RIZIN 20!

Happy New Year to you and AKA Thailand! We ended 2019 with a bang and started 2020 as the home of a world champion. Manel Kape captured bantamweight gold at RIZIN 20 at their big New Year’s Eve show in a revenge fight against Kai Asakura.

Asakura beat Kape previously by a controversial split decision. Not only would Manel get his hands on Asakura again but it was also for the RIZIN bantamweight title. Manel made the best of his opportunity and won via tko in the second round.

No one is more deserving of winning gold than Kape. Manel is one of the hardest workers of anyone that trains at AKA Thailand. Added to his motivation and effort, he’s been nothing but loyal to AKA Thailand. Even Mike Swick went to Japan to corner Manel because it meant so much to both the gym and Manel. Swick as been saying for a month that he KNEW Manel would win the title because of how driven he had been.
AKA Thailand is so much more than just a fight gym, however, the training is world class; So, day 1 beginners can show up and learn from the best in the world or champions can be made and groomed here like Manel Kape.