Khabib’s manager says a matchup vs McGregor is getting closer. Maybe.

Maybe one day, Conor McGregor will want to fight again. While most folks feel that the day is a long way off, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager thinks it could be sooner rather than later. Ali Abdelaziz spoke with TMZ and said that McGregor is ready to fight because he needs the money. How that guy could be losing so much so fast is a mystery to me. However, Abdelaziz insists that is what will get Conor to come from off of the couch.

“Last time I talked to Dana it seemed like this was the fight that he wanted to do. This is the biggest fight in UFC history and the biggest money maker. Conor is running out of money and this is why he agreed to fight Khabib. We are going to contribute to him making some money, but at the end of the day, Khabib owes him an ass whooping. If this is what Dana wants, we will do it.”

At this point, I think Ali has a better shot at fighting Khabib than Conor does.