Surprise! Dana White doesn’t care about what Ariel Helwani thinks

It is no surprise that a lot of people had a lot of opinions about Greg Hardy being put on the same card as Rachael Ostovich. Ostovich was recently a victim of domestic abuse and Hardy was a domestic abuser. So, when the UFC put both fighters on this weekend’s UFC on ESPN card, many were left scratching their heads.

One such person was ESPN’s, Ariel Helwani. Ariel is the best in the business, hands down. However, being great at being a journalist means that you may draw the ire of those you talk about. Ariel had strong feelings about how tactful it was putting Ostovich on the same card as Hardy and Dana White seemed to not like it at all.

In a shocking turn of events (sarcasm), Dana White said he didn’t care what Ariel thought, or anyone else for that matter. The card will move forward as scheduled tomorrow.