Mike Swick walks us through AKA Thailand to show us the grounds

Mike Swick is the owner/founder of AKA Thailand and Marc Bogutzki is the Director of Customer Service. Together, they show us the grounds of the gym so guests and visitors can see what they are getting into before they even get here.

Visa issues, car trouble, law trouble, help with translation, the AKA management team is on top of it. No other gym offers this service and especially don’t go to the lengths that our team does.

In our Muay Thai area, mats and equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. Our goal is to make guests feel like any time they train here, it is like it’s their very first time.

The Contender Cafe and basketball court are two places that guests can go to unwind from the rigors of hard combat training. Meal plans are available at the cafe, as well as a huge selection of (Both Thai and Westernized) food. The basketball court is an NBA regulation-size court and is for guests to get their Hoop Dreams on when they aren’t using the main gym area.

Lastly, there is the BJJ and MMA area. Some of the highest profile mixed martial artists have walked through the doors and trained there. A fact that we are very proud of is that the room is the largest indoor air-conditioned MMA room in Southeast Asia. We want to ensure everyone’s comfortability when they are in the climate-controlled room.

There is a reason that AKA Thailand is a 5-star rated gym. Follow Mike and Marc around to see all of the reasons why.