AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, lands announcing duties for Absolute Muay Thai

AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, is spreading his wings once again and branching out to another venture. This time he has landed a gig announcing Muay Thai fights.

Swick has more combat experience than most people on Earth. He is a 15-fight UFC veteran, so we are all aware of his in-ring experience. In 2017, Swick launched Primal FC in Thailand, so he also has being a promoter on his resume. Lastly, he owns AKA Thailand which has a heavy Muay Thai influence there. All of this experience that he has makes him a perfect fit for announcing duties.

Swick will be calling the Absolute Muay Thai fights, which will be featured on UFC Fight Pass.

John Morgan at MMAJunkie.com interviewed Swick, who is thrilled to partake in announcing the event.

“Coming to Thailand for 20 years as a kid in these little gyms, to now be commentating live on UFC Fight Pass at the most famous stadium for combat sports, culturally, in the world – it’s great. It’s great to be involved with all these people and all these things. For a fighter, this is kind of where it’s at post-career.”

“It’s live on Fight Pass, so if I mess up, you can laugh at me or whatever. It’s a dream for me, so you’re just going to see a man whose spent his whole career fighting for everything. … This is a giddy moment for me to be doing this commentary, and it’s the start of some big things to come, so tune in to Fight Pass, Feb. 27.”

“It’s Rajadamnern. It’s the best stadium in Thailand. It’s been around for 75 years. It’s like Madison Square Garden, if the NBA and the NFL and everything was combined into one sport, and it only happened at Madison Square Garden, and that was the ultimate place – and that still doesn’t compare to how important Rajadamnern is as far as in combat sports and in muay Thai and in Thailand. You’ll see some exciting fights. It’s a great production, so definitely tune in.”