Take the full tour of AKA Thailand with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki

Before you come out to AKA Thailand, Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki give a detailed cyber walkthrough of the gym so guests can see exactly what they are getting when they come here.

We get to meet the management team at the gym who do more than just run the club. Visa issues, car trouble, law trouble, help with translation, the AKA management team is on top of it. No other gym offers this service and especially don’t go to the lengths that our team does.

In our Muay Thai area, mats and equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. All of our trainers are Thai-born and have a lifetime of experience in Muay Thai. All trainers are hired on the premise that they are there to not only teach the physical side of the sport but the history of it as well.

The Contender Cafe and basketball court are in place for guests to unwind from the rigors of hard combat training. Meal plans are available at the cafe for guests who want structured meals, as well as a huge selection of food if they just want to order something right on the spot. The basketball court is an NBA regulation-size half court and is for guests to drain some stepback 3’s and imagine that they are Steph Curry or James Harden.

Lastly, there is the BJJ and MMA area. We are very proud the room, as it is the largest indoor air-conditioned MMA room in Southeast Asia. We want to ensure everyone’s comfortability when they are in the climate-controlled room.

One thing that the boys do not go over is the area that is called ‘Phase II’. The video was shot before the construction began of Phase II so it is missing from the video. It is however moving along quite nicely and as soon as it’s completed we will have a detailed walkthrough of it as well!