AKA Thailand Muay Thai Techniques. Techniques for clinch evasion.

Another AKA Techniques video from our world-class Muay Thai trainers. This video shows the basics of how to perform a clinch evasion. This can be easy enough to add to your Muay Thai arsenal if practiced with enough frequency.

In this particular video, we see how to avoid an opponent’s clinch when they are coming in with knees. Kru Bird and Kru Bank demonstrate how to avoid it using two different techniques. A counter-strike is used in both instances. This video is not solely about just avoiding the clinch. It is to show how to avoid and then strike back. Both counters can actually be done in one chain technique, as well.

The first counter can be done simply by throwing a short straight kick to an opponent’s knees. It’s basically throwing the leg out to avoid an oncoming barrage. An opponent can not just run straight through a leg that is stopping their forward motion.

The second technique is simply just circling out from the path of your opponent. In the case of this video, circling out then sets up an opening to blast a kick to you opponent.

The clinch evasion is very important in Muay Thai because of how prevalent the clinch is during fights. Check out our instructors showing the best way to do this.

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